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Providing access and opportunities to Education, Employment and Housing
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Supporting education and training

Establishing and supporting new trade apprenticeships for homeless people and ex-service men and women to allow entry into employment in the Construction and related industries.

Streets Into Trades recognises that across Australia there is a skilled worker shortage in the construction and associated industries. Through the development and ongoing support of new apprenticeships in  trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical services, masonry, plastering, decorating and installation of solar technology we will build a pool of skilled and qualified people.

By encouraging and supporting education opportunities in formal and non – formal settings including apprenticeships, life skills and business development courses Streets Into Trades aims to provide individuals with the skills and support they require to gain stable long term employment, a key barrier to maintaining housing.

Streets Into Trades will encourage leaders in the construction and associated industries to become mentors to share their knowledge and skills and support clients to build new skills and opportunities.


Creating jobs and business opportunities


Creating jobs and business opportunities that provide employment security and income.

Streets Into Trades will focus on delivering opportunities for individuals who are homeless or ex-defence force personell to connect with employers in construction and related industries to secure employment.

Utlising existing networks and developing partenerships within the Construction Industry suitable employment opportunities will be identified and secured. Assistance will be provided to gain skills or equipment (such as a drivers licence or tools) which may be a barrier to gaining employment.

In the medium term we will be looking for opportunities to create large scale and long term employment and provide assistance to develop small to medium size businesses.


Creating homes and communities


Providing access to suitable, secure affordable housing. Creating new communities.

Access to good-quality affordable housing is a fundamental right and key to achieving

  • reduction in poverty
  • improved health and education
  • increased social inclusion and connection


  • creating safe communities.

For a variety of reasons the housing needs of individuals and families are frequently unmet across Australia. Today a significant number of people and households are homeless, in unsuitable or low-quality dwellings or face unaffordable housing costs.

Streets Into Trades is setting out on a bold path to use an innovative and collaborative approach to reduce homelessness by building affordable homes and creating sustainable communities whilst contributing to improving the wider social fabric and driving economic growth and the benefits this brings.

In the medium to long term we will also be looking for opportunities to develop partnerships with construction companies and developers to design and build Social and Affordable Housing across Australia.

We will create communities that include accommodation, education facilities, 24 hour doctors surgeries, pre-schools and sporting and cultural facilities.